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Engage active travelers seeking more info and interested in experiencing and visiting your destination.

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If you have any travel related guide for travelers you should make it available on our sites to expand your reach and visitors.

Our travelers are interested in all types of travel guides:

  • Travel Guides
  • Visitor Guides
  • Travel Planners
  • Vacation Planners
  • Hiking Guides
  • Wine Trail Guides
  • Fishing Guides
  • Golf Guides
  • Ski Trails
  • Museum Guides
  • Shopping Guides
  • Maps

and many more...

    • Lead Generation

      The Travel Guide Group’s performance based platform is the leading centralized online source for travelers to request free travel print and digital guides to destinations in the U.S. and Canada they are interested in visiting.

      We offer destinations the most simple, efficient, and lowest cost method to generate validated active traveler leads seeking to visit your destination. We work diligently to make and keep our partnership and process simple and easy.

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10 million travel guide requests
since 2006

As part of our online performance marketing platform, we operate multiple web-sites that have become the preferred source for travelers to request free print and digital travel guides.

We have been empowering destination marketers to reach only leisure travelers interested in visiting their specific destination across the U.S. and Canada.

Benefits of Partnering with us

We can deliver results more efficiently and effectively then most. And, we deliver the best value and lowest cost solution in the industry.

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Simple and Risk free

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100% validated inquiries: Multi-tier process including third-party verification

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Receive full name, email, mailing address, and optional demographic data

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We do all the work

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Only pay for qualified leads delivered

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Begin your partnership and start receiving
qualified leads and new visitors now!

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If you have any trouble finding answers to your questions,
feel free to contact us. Our partner support will be happy to help you.

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How does it work?


Promote your Guide

We can deliver almost any volume of leads you desire. We agree on the lead goal for the campaign period, typically 12 months. We do all the work, and you receive qualified leads every week.



We do all the work. We manage the campaign and all marketing via partnerships, SEM, Paid ads, Social and more to drive guide requests.



We use a multi-tiered process including 3rd party verification of email and mailing address to make sure we deliver the highest qualified leads.


Weekly Lead Reports

We send a weekly CSV report of all leads for the prior week so you can mail print guides to all those ordered, and build your email list of all those opting in to your list.

How we attract active


Established relationships with various media that will promote our sites and free travel guides to their membership and audience with placements often alongside relevant content such as articles on travel.

Paid Marketing

Paid ads in vairious media (print, digital, social) to reach the right travelers and decision maker


Paid Search engine marketing with Google, Bing and others


We use our social resources and reach to inform and engage our followers and their networks.


Active qualified travelers seeking new experiences, that stay longer and spend more.

Whether for a week or more vacation, cross country trip, or a weekend getaway, our audience seeks out more information to learn more about new destinations, things to do, and experience. What better source to get their information other than the destination itself.

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What our travelers say about your guide?

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Megan F.


We go to the Berkshires yearly in beautiful early Sept. and enjoy the museums, nature, food and the ambience. Love getting your helpful brochures and e-mails!

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Bruce R.


Our vacation went great. We stayed in Scottsdale for 2 weeks over Thanksgiving. We found the brochures quite helpful in finding new places to visit.

testimonial image

Nancy G.


We are leaving from Detroit on 10-10 for a 10 day trip to Tennessee, got a lot of ideas from the info you sent. Thanks.

testimonial image

Caroline P.


Our trip to Maui was wonderful. Thank you so much for the brochure. It was extremely helpful, and we even took it with us on our trip.