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Travelers come to our sites as reliable central resource for the primary purpose of requesting a travel guide to help with their travel planning, whether to decide where to visit, what to do, or how long to stay.

Unique to our sites, we make a very focused effort to invest in various media and partnerships in only reaching and targeting the most active leisure travelers planning to travel soon, and interested in your destination. Since we are a transaction site and not a typical media site, we purposely are not trying to get the most traffic possible.

This provides us efficiencies and the user a better experience, resulting in optimal conversion rates and guide requests. Ultimately providing high quality leads.

Note: All leads, email and addresses are third party verified.

Increase Visitors & Economic Impact


of travelers had already visited or had made plans to visit within 90 days of requesting a guide

Have you visited or made plans to visit
the destination of the travel guide requested?

Yes, already Visited


Currently Planning to Visit


No Plans Yet


No response or did not receive guide


* Source: TGF Survey, sent to every traveler 90 days after guide request. (updated 10/1/22)

Travelers Plan Year Round, So Be There When They Are Ready

Our audience demographic

4.4 Months

Avg. Time From Guide Request to Travel

When Planning to Travel # months

tgf stats
Travelers are planning throughout the entire year, so be there when they are in mindset to plan and be inspired

Although, most plan 3 to 6 months in advance, many are planning less than 3 months and even a few weeks out. Making a digital guide available for download helps meet the desire and need of both the tech savvy and those seeking a near term trip.


We Attract New Travelers Every Month

tgf stats


U.S. Focus

tgf stats Primary focus to date has been the U.S. In the coming weeks, we will begin offering travel guides to Canada, and marketing to the Canadian market to visit the U.S., and soon after expand to Mexico, Caribbean, and International markets.



tgf stats Females tend to take lead in intitiating and planning trips for couples and families

48 Years

Average Age

tgf stats Age range is equally distributed with emphasis on 55+; reflecting singles, families, and majority of empty nesters and retirees with more time to travel, and plan for family and group trips

21.3 %

Income Over $100,000

HH income %

tgf stats

Avg. Income = $76,000;
7.6% Income over $150,000

Income is spread across all economic levels; slightly above US avg $73.4K; partially diluted due to both younger millenial travelers early in career, and retirees with limited income


Travel With 3 or More Companions

tgf stats More often travelers are planning to travel with a companion, family or group

Average number of travelers = 2.9


Are Traveling with Children

tgf stats

6.3% are traveling with 3 or more children

54.8 %

Accepted Only a Digital Guide

Downloadable digital guides are desired

Travelers guide format preferences %



Print only


Print and Digital


Digital only


It is important and best practice to provide the traveler a choice of a print and digital guide to meet the preference of the traveler and optimize engagement. We recognize the cost involved with a print guide so by default if a destination offers a digital guide we have the digital guide pre-selected. The traveler can uncheck if they desire, but must check and request a print guide. This helps limit print guides to only those travelers that really want one, saving the destination the cost of sending a print guide.

The link to access the digital download is included in the travelers confirmation email, only sent after they registered and information has been validated. It provides the traveler the option to review while they wait to receive the print version.

21.9 %

Mobile Usage is
Gaining Fast

tgf stats

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* Source: TGF Traveler Guide Registration; Google Analytics