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The Travel Guide Group is a travel marketing and consulting company helping Destinations (tourism boards, convention & visitor bureaus, chambers of commerce, destination marketing organizations, etc.) expand their reach, awareness, education, inspiration and engagement of travelers to ultimately visit and experience their respective destination.

Our primary focus is attracting active travelers seeking print and digital guides from destinations they would like to visit.

A majority of travelers would like to visit and explore a new place they have not been before. However, most travelers are not aware of all the places and experiences available to them. We help bring your destination and all one can do to the travelers attention.

We are a centralized source to help travelers decide where to visit and experience their next adventure.

10 million travel guide requests
since 2006

As part of our online performance marketing platform, we operate multiple web-sites that have become the preferred source for travelers to request free print and digital travel guides.

We have been empowering destination marketers to reach only leisure travelers interested in visiting their specific destination across the U.S. and Canada.

We reach travelers at the most critical time in the travel planning process and point of influence

When they are deciding where to go, what else they can do on their trip, and how long to stay to accommodate all they would like to experience.

Simply put, we help make an impact to drive more visitors, to stay longer, spend more, and experience all the destination has to offer. And, better yet, we do so more efficiently and cost effective than most other alternatives.


There is a reason we have established a reputation for the best value and most qualified leads in the industry.

And, why many of our partners have been with us for 10+ years.


Lowest Rates.
Highest-Quality Leads.
Best ROI.
  • We love travel, enjoy what we do, work hard, and have fun along the way.
  • We work closely with Destinations in the truest spirit of partnership, and act as a part or extension of their team.
  • We believe in mutual respect and benefit, and solutions need to work for everyone.
  • We always do the best we can, and continuously strive to deliver the highest quality work and service.

Our difference


We are performance based. We have the expertise, do all the work, and take all the risk. You only pay for qualified leads when they are delivered.

  • Basically, once you set your goal and provide an image of your travel guide cover, you sit back and wait for your weekly lead report.
  • Of course, the more we know about your destination, audience, historic programs, data, and goals, the better armed we are to help.
  • Our primary tools are our experienced experts and focused web-sites that attract active travelers seeking print and digital guides from destinations they would like to visit.

Our in-house and network of travel and digital media experts have many years hands-on experience in most areas of travel, digital marketing, sales, and social networking.

They continue to leverage and optimize market opportunities to attract and engage travelers, deliver partner campaign goals, and provide the best experience and value for travelers and partners.

Our current sites focus on
providing travelers what they are seeking

An easy to use, centralized source of free travel guides, to educate, inspire and engage travelers and help in their travel planning to find their next destination to experience.


  1. 7/2003

    Initial Site

    The first iteration of the free travel guide site, launched

  2. 8/2006

    Initial Company

    Formalized the initial company, 24-7vacations

  3. 8/2008

    TravelGuidesFree launched

    The first version of TravelGuidesFree launched.

  4. 3/2010

    1 Million Guide requests

    Company achieves total of 1 million guide requests.

  5. 1/2011

    OneBird Acquires

    OneBird LLC acquires

  6. 2/2012

    New Registration

    Registration path is upgraded to improve user experience and conversions.

  7. 7/2012 acquired

    Company acquires, following months redesigned and added to backend.

  8. 3/2013 acquired

    Company acquires, following months redesigned and added to backend.

  9. 1/2015 acquired

    Company acquires, following months redesigned and connects to backend.

  10. 1/2016

    5 Million Guide requests

    Company achieves total of 5 million guide requests.

  11. 9/2017

    The Travel Guide Group acquires travel sites

    All assets of OneBird are acquired; including all sites among them,, and

  12. 9/2018

    TravelGuidesFree Redesign

    First redesign in several years. Improved user experience, search capability, added new content areas, travel guides pages, blog, check out and more.

  13. 1/2019

    New Platform Launched

    Entire new platform developed and launched offering improved dynamic reporting, multi-tiered validation capabilities, invoicing, and account management.

  14. 12/2019

    10 Million guide requests

    Company achieves total of 10 million guide requests.

  15. 7/2020

    New “Destination” section

    New Destination section offering more desired content for travelers with click out option to drive traffic to destination site launches on

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