We offer marketers high impact options to reach and engage active travelers when they are in the right mindset; planning their travel

E-Newsletter and email

Reach the most select pre-qualified active travelers that have already requested a travel guide and/or opted-in to receive our e-newsletter

Confirmation Email

Every validated traveler guide request receives a confirmation email.

This is an ideal and high value opportunity to reach very select and qualified travelers when they are already planning their next trip.


300 x 250; 1 of up to 3 offers

Exclusive 900 x 250 ad unit

Weekly E-Newsletter

We have established a large audience of opt-in travelers requesting to receive our e-newsletter.

The e-newsletter provides insight and updates on travel and our partners, including featuring new destinations, guides, things to do, itineraries, and experiences, travel news, site updates, travel tips, featured mobile apps, special offers and more.

Frequency: Weekly.

Audience: 100,000+ opt-in travelers from the U.S. and Canada.

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Featured Promotion

Feature your destination, attraction, experience, with an image and copy at the top of the e-newsletter.

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Listed promotion

Include your destination, guide, attraction, experience with an image and copy in the body of the e-newsletter.

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Ad Banner

An ad banner can be inserted in the top, natively in between content, or at the bottom section of the e-newsletter.

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Special offer

250 x 250 or 300 x 250 special offer promotion.

Custom Newsletter

We offer a special opportunity for select marketers to send a dedicated email to our valuable audience.

Frequency: Select basis; not more than 2X per month.

Audience: 100,000+ opt-in travelers from the U.S. and Canada.

Digital Advertising

Home page hero
& video ad

Gain the attention and tell your full story to every traveler as they enter TGF with this impactful home page unit

Thank you Page Sponsorship

Reach every qualified lead with your message and offer when they are engaged, seeking the confirmation of their guide request.

Banner Ads

Variety of standard banners ads integrated into the sites, reaching and influence travelers when they are actively searching and selecting travel guides of interest.

Social Media

Reach, engage, and influence our growing audience of loyal active travelers via Facebook and Twitter

Social media

Reach, engage, and influence our growing audience of loyal active travelers via Facebook and Twitter

Reach travelers via Facebook

Engage travelers via Twitter

Influence travelers via Instagram

Attract travelers via Pinterest


Active qualified travelers seeking new experiences, that stay longer and spend more.

Whether a week or more vacation, cross country trip, or a weekend getaway, our audience seeks out more information to learn more about new destinations to seek out, things to do, and experience. What better source to get their information other than the destination itself.

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