We can deliver results more efficiently and effectively than most. And, we deliver the best value and lowest cost solution in the industry.


Our performance-based platform is the leading centralized online source for travelers to request free travel print and digital guides to destinations in the U.S. and Canada they are interested in visiting.

We help Destinations (tourism boards, convention & visitor bureau’s, chambers of commerce, destination marketing organizations, etc.) expand their reach, awareness, education, inspiration and engagement of travelers to ultimately visit and experience their respective destination.
  • We can do this at a better conversion rate and ROI than most companies or destinations can do on their own.
  • We do all the work. Basically acting as an extension of your marketing team.
  • You only pay for qualified leads requesting your guide and delivered to you.
  • Set up is easy. And, once set up, you sit back and wait for your weekly leads to be delivered.

How we do it

We offer destinations the most simple, efficient, and lowest cost method to generate validated active travelers leads seeking to visit your destination.

validation process

Validation process

Our multi-tiered filtering and validation process to make sure we deliver the highest quality leads to our partners.


Targeted Marketing

Our first filter is focusing on the “right” travelers, and relevant content.



Travelers review, choose, and select the travel guide of interest, and then fill out a registration to receive a guide.


Third Party Verification

We invest and pay for 3rd party verification of both email and mailing addresses.


Internal controls and filtering

Manual review for any problematic on "non-serious" leads


Qualified Leads

Only those requests that pass validation process get sent in the weekly lead report.

Traveler experience

Travelers come to our focused sites seeking more information and travel guides to help in their travel planning and ultimately decide where to visit, what to do and how long to stay.

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Visit Site

Travelers come organically and/or via our various marketing.

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Select Guide

Travelers select the guide to the destination they intend to visit.

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Travelers complete a registration with full name, address, email, and optional demographic information.

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Registration info is validated via our multi-tiered process and third party verification service

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Confirmation Email

Validated guide requests are sent a confirmation email including url for download version of guide if available.

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Weekly Lead Report

Partners receive weekly lead reports with all lead info.

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Fulfill Guide Request

Partners send print guide requests to travelers.

Get started

Educate, inspire, and engage travelers to ultimately visit and experience your destination.

AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3.



Tell us more about your destination, audience, metrics and goals, etc. so we can best help.



You tell us how many leads you want, and preferred period of time.


Set Up

Provide us an image of your guide, brief description, link to site and digital download of your guide.

Begin your partnership and start receiving qualified leads and new visitors now!

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